This year’s topics

Coaching for Mental Health | The CBT Institute
Providing NewAccess, an evidence-based low intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapy program.

Mindfulness Interventions for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities | South East Sydney Local Health District Multicultural Unit
Delivering an evidence-based in-language program for members of the Arabic and Bengali speaking communities in the CESPHN region.

Suicide Prevention (SPconnect) | Neami National
A new service model for suicide prevention integrating hospital and community supports for those at risk of suicide.

Integrated Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Supports | Odyssey House
Supporting the wellbeing of people with mental health and drug and alcohol support needs

Integrated Primary Mental Health Care Teams | One Door
A new clinical and recovery-oriented mental health service bringing peer and nursing services to the community.

Health and Wellbeing of Aboriginal Young People | La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council
Utilising Health and Wellbeing Coordinators to facilitate access and use of culturally appropriate mainstream health services in the La Perouse area.

Early Intervention into Youth Severe Mental Illness | headspace Early Intervention Team (hEIT), Sydney Local Health District
Building on the successful headpace service model, hEIT provides an multidisciplinary team response to address mental and physical health needs whilst focusing on supporting education, work and community engagement during this critical period of life.

The Changing Landscape of Primary Mental Health Care across the Central and Eastern Sydney region | Central and Eastern Sydney PHN
How key reform activities including stepped care, integrated planning and service delivery are changing how we deliver primary mental health services.